John Jenkins has been teaching guitar for over 40 years. Since 2010 he has been associated with Mountain Valley Studios in Joshua, Tx. If you would like to be called about lessons or a free consultation, please fill out the form below and send it to us.
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Howdy Folks,
Welcome to Fall Guitar 2019 at Mountain Valley Studio!! 

Fall 2019 guitar tuition rates, and other pertinent info. 
(August 26 thru December18,2019)

Tuition - Up front...I've raised tuition just a bit - first time in about five years - hopefully not enough to hurt anyone.

Twelve 30 minute lessons:$365 per semester, $100 per month, $36 per single lesson. 

Twelve 45 minute lessons:$465 per semester, $130 per month, $46 per single lesson

Twelve 60 minute lessons: $565 per semester, $160 per month, $56 per single lesson

There are 12 lessons in the Fall semester plan (average 3 per month) with oppurtunity during the semester for 2 makeup lessons. This plan is designed to accomodate makeup lessons at a student's regularly scheduled time. If there is an extra day or two in a month, come to your lesson anyway unless its a holiday, bad weather, or otherwise rescheduled. 

Semester payment is due at the first lesson of the semester.
Monthly payment is due at the first lesson of the month.
Single lesson payment is due at the time of the lesson.


I follow the local ISD calendars for regular a point. Some holidays seem "less observed" than others in terms of folks going out of town or  taking the day off, so if there is enough need or interest, sometimes I will open for lessons on some holidays - Columbus Day for example. I will communicate with parents and students prior to holidays and keep everyone informed. 
I am open on Teacher Workday/Student Holidays.

Fall 2019 holidays are:
- Labor Day - September 2 - Definitely closed
- Columbus Day - October 14 - 
- Veteran's Day - November 11
- the week of Thanksgiving - November 19-23​
- the weeks of Christmas and New Years - December 23 - January 5, 2020
(Spring lessons will begin on Monday, January 6, 2020)

Bad Weather - Just in case...

Here again, I generally follow ISD closings. If the local districts disagree or haven't announced, my policy is to err to the side of safety. Communication is the key here - text or call and let me know what you're doing - and I will do the same.
I'm looking forward to some great guitar work this Fall!
Feel free to call, text, (or email) me with any questions or comments. Thanks!!

John Jenkins