I have been playing and teaching guitar for over 45 years. Since 2006, its been my full time occupation. During that time, I taught for five years at Burleson Community Education, and then for ten years at Mountain Valley Studio. With the onset of the Covid19 virus, I moved lessons online. I currently teach in the afternoon and evening on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. If you would like more information, please contact me using the form below.
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Tuition Rates               30 minute lessons     45 minute lessons  

Summer Session         $180.00                           $220.00 
(6 lessons)                      

Summer Add-on          $30.00 per lesson          $35.00 per lesson

Monthly                        $100.00                           $120.00
(3 lessons/month avg)                                       

Single Lesson              $35.00                             $45.00 

Fall Semester *             $320.00                           $420.00
(Aug.  - Dec., 2021)
(12 lessons) 

Spring Semester *       $440.00                           $525.00 
(Jan.4 - May 28, 2021)  
(15 lessons)  

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Semester tuition is not recommended for first time students, until you are sure you are comfortable with the teacher and committed to the process

Martin Luther King Day - Jan. 18
President's Day - Feb. 15
Spring Break -  March 15 - 19
Easter Monday - April 5

* These holidays are accounted for in the grand scheme of the semester system. Lessons may be had as needed, but if you are taking off with the family, have fun! 

Tips for great online lessons!

Online music lessons have been around for many years, but have become much more popular since the coming of covid virus. While they may lack some of the ease of in person lessons, they can still be a great way to learn if you do them right. Here are a few tips for overcoming some of the basic issues a lot of folks experience when starting online lessons.

1. Desktop and laptop computers are much better for lessons. Phones and tablets will work, but computers generally are better at processing sound and video. Their connection is often better - especially if you direct connect to your router (see #2). They also usually require the student to sit up in a chair - improved posture makes for improved playing.

2. Plugging  your desktop or laptop directly into your router makes for a faster and more secure connection, even without upgrading your service. Phones and tablets don't usually have this capability (i.e. an ethernet port).

This may involve running a rather lengthy cable (Cat 5e or 6 work great), depending on how far it is to your router. If that isn't feasible, there are devices that plug into electrical outlets, from which you can then run an ethernet cable to your computer. I haven't tried one of these, but they might work for you. Check them out on Amazon.

3. Shutting down other apps or programs during lesson time will allow more processing power for your video platform.  

... and don't forget the basics ...

4. Prepare for the lesson ahead of time. Have your music ready, your instrument tuned, and your camera set up before the lesson starts.

Even if you're using a phone or tablet, try to set it up so you can sit straight and hold your instrument properly and still see your music - and where I can see your hands on your guitar. Its ok to be comfortable, but posture affects playing technique as well as mental attitude. 

These are basic steps that you can take, without spending much money - except for maybe an ethernet cable or wall adapter. If you're committed to the process long term and want to invest in some equipment, I'll be happy to talk with you about various available options, and which might work best for you. 

Hope this helps!!